Weather forecast technologies used by ignitia to improve agricultural productivity.

As the world changes rapidly, so is technology used in agriculture. In the past, many farmers in Africa have faced constraints to increased productivity due to limited use and access to modern farming technologies.

Ignitia is the solution to all these challenges. Its forecasts are two times more accurate than traditional weather forecast methods, which steer most of the current world’s weather apps and services.

In this article, you will be able to learn more about Ignitia’s weather forecast technologies that farmers should use to reduce costs and increase yields. Let’s

dive in!

Weather forecast technologies used by Ignitia to improve productivity

1.   Ignitia Enterprise

Ignitia Enterprise fastens innovation and agricultural productivity by allowing farmers to create value for their customers. This works in such a way that it transforms high-precision forecasts of rain, wind, humidity, temperature forecasts into intelligence for decision-making.

With ignitia Enterprise, you can,

  1. Optimize farming activities through good timings with weather conditions.
  2. Reduce post-harvest losses by managing exposure of your product to moisture and improving seed quality through reduced contaminants.
  3. Maximize economic impact through efficient and effective use of inputs resulting in less wastage, which in turn saves costs and increases yields.

2.   Ignitia API

Ignitia API allows farmers to generate more value for their customers by incorporating very accurate forecasts of temperature, rain, wind, humidity, among other parameters on any application or website without a hassle. It is easy and fast to integrate. In addition, this technology helps farmers to build trust and sincerity by giving out timely and fitted advice and thoughts for important agricultural activities.

For instance, firms that finance, sell, and purchase agricultural products can collect information into their business applications or use this information to alert their customers of any opportunities or dangers related to climate.

3.   Ignitia Smart

Ignitia Smart provides more value to farmers and their customers with high-quality precision forecasts. This technology is very effective when making decisions with targeted information concerning temperature, rain, wind, humidity, and other parameters. This will enable you to know when to plant, apply fertilizer, and when to harvest.

It is easy to configure alerts according to your farm’s preferences and view suggestions through dashboards that are easy to navigate.


Features of ignitia Smart

  • Predicting weather forecasts for the next 7days.
  • Providing rain forecasts that are 84% accurate.
  • Providing maps specific weather conditions of your farm.
  • Providing rain forecasts for the next 4 weeks and next 6 months.
  • Intelligence to prevent occurrence of diseases.
  • Knowledge of the best time to carry out phytosanitation.


Benefits farmers derived from adopting ignitia weather forecast and advisories

  1. Timely Planting and Harvesting: Ignitia’s weather forecast and advisories advise farmers to precisely time planting and harvesting activities based on favorable weather conditions. Planting during optimal weather ensures better germination rates, leading to healthier and more robust crops. Similarly, timely harvesting avoids losses caused by weather-related damage, preserving the quality and market value of the produce.
  2. Timing Fertilizer Application with Rainfall: By aligning fertilizer application with rainfall forecast provided by ignitia, farmers can avoid the risk of nutrient leaching and run-off during heavy rains leading to a more efficient use of fertilizers and reducing potential environmental pollution of nearby water bodies. This climate smart approach ensures that crops receive the right nutrients at the right time whilst promoting sustainable agricultural practices in the face of climate variability.
  3. Optimal Timing for Spraying Herbicides and Pesticides: With Ignitia’s advisories, farmers can avoid spraying herbicides and pesticides during high wind speed periods. This prevents the dispersion of chemicals away from the target area, reducing wastage and potential harm to non-target crops or the environment. By aligning spraying activities with weather predictions, farmers can prevent herbicides and pesticides from being washed away during heavy rain events. This mitigates the risk of chemical run-off into water bodies and ensures better protection of natural ecosystems.
  4. Water Resource Optimization: Knowing when rainfall is expected helps farmers manage water resources effectively. They can schedule irrigation based on rain forecasts, minimizing water usage during periods of expected precipitation.
  5. Adaptive Farming Practices: Climate change brings unpredictable weather patterns. Ignitia’s technology allows farmers to adapt their farming practices accordingly. They can switch to drought-resistant crops during dry spells or plan for increased irrigation during droughts.
  6. Crop Quality Enhancement: By aligning farming activities with weather forecasts, farmers can improve crop quality. For example, harvesting during dry periods reduces moisture content in crops, leading to better storage and reduced post-harvest losses.
  7. Cost Minimisation and Profit Maximisation : By utilizing Ignitia’s accurate weather forecasts and advisories, farmers can strategically manage their resources and optimize farming practices to achieve cost minimization and profit maximization. Through weather-informed decision-making, they can schedule farming activities based on forecasted weather to maximize labor productivity, select crops suitable for prevailing weather conditions to ensure better yields and market acceptance, prudently budget resources based on anticipated weather patterns to prevent overspending, plan for weather-related contingencies to mitigate risks.
  8. Long-Term Planning: Ignitia’s seasonal and monthly forecasts empower African farmers to make long term plans that enhance their resilience to weather variations and optimize agricultural practices for improved yields and profitability. By incorporating Ignitia’s weather insights into their long-term planning, farmers pave the way for sustainable growth, food security, and economic prosperity in the region.

Learn more about ignitia’s advanced agricultural technology here.


If farmers in Africa use ignitia’s technology, they can access important information that will guide them in making decisions on when to do what. This in turn increases yields, improves farming techniques, mitigates risks related to weather, and reduces costs.








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