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Climate intelligence and forecasting solutions for your agribusiness

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Get a farm-specific weather risk assessment including rainfall patterns over the last 35 years.

Climate Intelligence and Forecasting Solutions

Can you believe that weather forecasts, a basic but valuable tool that we often take for granted, perform worse than tossing a coin in these regions? 

ignitia has the most accurate weather forecast for the tropics, with 87% accuracy. Our tools and expertise help not only farmers to make smarter and more timely decisions, but all stakeholders across the value chain. Discover how ignitia can revolutionize forecasts.


Produce more and better forecasts for the next 7 days without the need for the internet.

ignitia Smart

Make crops more profitable with 7-day to 6-month weather intelligence and suggestions for when to plant, harvest, apply fertilizers and other crop inputs.

ignitia API

Generate more value for your producers, partners and customers by incorporating high-precision forecasts on your website, app, platform, with easy and fast integration.

ignitia Enterprise

Accelerate innovation and productivity with custom solutions based on ignitia’s high-precision weather intelligence.

ignitia and Value Seeds

Discover how Value Seeds used ignitia to accelerate farmer productivity.

Building resilience through
climate smart agricultural practices

Through ignitia’s technology, farmers are able to access improved weather forecasts and actionable agricultural advice such as when to sow, apply crop nutrition and protection, hire labor and harvest. This reliable information empowers them to improve their farming techniques, reduce costs, increase yields and mitigate weather-related risks.

Read what our clients think about our Climate Intelligence

Generally the Iska weather alerts massages has helped me plan for every day in the past two seasons and hoping to see more of your intervention and making it local for those who can not read to recieve directly like a voice recorder.

Nankene Jaadi Yahaya

The weather alert has really been helpful to me and its accuracy is 95%. It helps me know when to sow my seeds, this is because previously when we were not recieving the weather information, we go out to sow and if the rains delay, the birds picked the seeds out of the hole which costs us money.

Nmanli Dawuda Gbereh

During fertilizer application, I still depend on the rain to know exactly when to apply my fertilizer. Fertilizer needs some amount of moisture to be able to work effectively on the plants. Aside my farming activities, i sell Zokom, a local drink in the market. The weather alert plays an active role in my production (...)

Theresa Azieliba

There was a day that the SMS received, reported that it will rain, I waited for sometime but there was no rains, I went ahead to apply the pesticides just when I finished there was rain and since then, i always followed. the instructions from the SMS. It helps to save money, chemicals and time.The weather advice on harvesting and drying, has improved the quality of grais, the grains were clean and neat and made storage easy without any problems.

Isaac Kanewu

The weather alert helped me to harvest on time to avoid post harvest losses. This has helped me save cost.

David Baah

The weather information gives me the information about the rainfall which helps me to know when to plant and the best time to apply my fertilizer. It help me know when the weather is good for application of fert and pesticides After harvesting my produce the weather provides clue to know when and when not to open the door to the storage room (crip).

John K Mautsueni

Discover what high-precision climate intelligence can do for your business.

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