87% of farmers report an increase in revenue from crops using ignitia’s insights and forecasts.

Increase yield/produce by reducing weather-related uncertainties.

Unpredictable farming seasons and weather patterns are making the timing of farm activities even more difficult, but changing behaviors to enhance good agricultural practices can increase yields by up to 30 percent on average across staple and cash crops over at least 3 years. 

Our values

​​We have the passion and determination to create the reality for which we strive. Learning quickly and eagerly, we are constantly searching for ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and improve our customers’ lives and businesses

Our goal is to provide great customer service that always exceeds expectations, and to deliver the best weather forecasts in the world.

"As a visiting faculty member at the University of Washington, I was reminded of the poor quality of weather forecasts in tropical climates, where the majority live off of small-scale farming. To think that a weather forecast - this basic but valuable information we often take for granted - performs worse than tossing a coin, when it is so vital to their livelihood.”

Liisa Smits

ignitia's impact on business

Reduce machine wear by avoiding unnecessary transport

Decrease labor costs by optimizing machines and time

Reduce fuel costs by ensuring driving efficiency

Save on crop nutrition and inputs by knowing the optimal time to spray.

Minimize seed costs by identifying ideal planting conditions.

Increase revenue through optimized production due to better weather forecasting

Total impact*:

*results of 2021 study of sample farmers from Ghana

of users receiving ignitia Iska SMS rainfall messages experienced yield increases
experience income increases
up to %
of active users minimized of expensive inputs and prevented agrochemical runoff

ignitia has a strong value proposition for farmers, agricultural value chains and financial institutions.

Farmers and Cooperatives

ignitia’s solutions increase farm productivity while saving farmers time and money.

Agricultural Input Suppliers

ignitia’s Climate Intelligence strengthens customer relationships through actionable farm insights and delivery of relevant agronomic advice.

Banks and Insurers

ignitia’s historical weather data improves risk modeling for credit and insurance product design. ignitia’s distributed forecasts and advice mitigate weather risks to improve payback rates.

What customers say about ignitia

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"Improves crop quality”

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