Climate Intelligence Methodology

ignitia’s forecasts and Climate Intelligence are 2x more accurate for tropical regions than the traditional weather forecast models that power most of the world’s existing weather apps and services.

This is because ignitia’s forecasting system is based on 30 person-years of research and development to address the specific challenges of forecasting rainfall and climate variability in tropical climates such as West Africa and Brazil.


Traditional weather forecasting was developed for European and American climates and generally does not work well in tropical zones, nor does it focus on agribusiness challenges. This is because traditional models are optimized for temperate climates and struggle to predict rain and other key agricultural influencing conditions on a smaller scale. Accuracy averages about 39% accuracy in West Africa; even flipping a coin would do better.


ignitia is the first weather forecast model developed especially for tropical climates, with coverage throughout emerging markets. Our forecast is focused on providing timely and relevant information for making essential agribusiness decisions such as crop selection, soil preparation, application of inputs; from land preparation until it reaches the buyer.

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More precision.
Less complexity.

In tropical climates, ignitia can deliver forecasts with 84% accuracy, double that of alternative global producers, without the need for weather stations on farms or territories.

High resolution:
30 times more granularity than global models

Near-term forecasts for small scales/individual thunderstorms (nowcasts)

Primarily satellite-based data with little need for ground stations

Designed specifically for tropical zones

Advanced Machine Learning provides continuous improvement

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ServiceMultichannel AccessAccuracy in the tropics
High resolutionThe best and most complete agricultural intelligence toolsRainfall outlook
(4 weeks & 6 months)
Weather forecast projected for the tropics parameters and conditions
ignitiaSMS, Mobile App, Web App, API and more84%3 km to 9 km
Top competitorWeb App, API, Traditional Media38%36 km
ServicesignitiaTop competitor
Multichannel AccessSMS, Mobile App, Web App, API and moreWeb App, API, Traditional Media
Multichannel Access84%38%
High-Resolution3 km to 9 km36 km
The best and most complete agricultural intelligence tools
Rainfall outlook
(4 weeks & 6 months)
Weather forecast projected for the tropics parameters and conditions

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