Climate intelligence with twice the accuracy for your agricultural business or your partners ignitia Smart

More accurate weather data for solid decision-making

Provide greater value to your producer, partners, and customers with high-quality precision forecasts with ignitia Smart. Make better-informed decisions with targeted information regarding rain, temperature, humidity, and wind, among other parameters, along with suggestions of when to plant, harvest, and apply fertilizers and other crop inputs.

You can configure alerts according to your farm’s specific needs and view smart suggestions through easy-to-navigate dashboards.

Powerful features of ignitia Smart

Weather forecast for the next 7 days

Rainfall forecast with 84% accuracy

Map with specific weather conditions of your farm

Rain forecast for the next 4 weeks and next 6 months

Intelligence to prevent disease occurrence

Know the best time for phytosanitary control

Experience the full power of ignitia in your business.

More productivity and profitability for producers

Receiving climate intelligence on each property in real-time allow you to accelerate productivity and business profitability.

Make planning easier by knowing the best time and day to plant and harvest; avoid losses due to frost, heavy rains or other climatic factors. Use pesticides, inputs, and fertilizers more efficiently to reduce costs and increase profitability in the field.

More value for those selling to agribusiness

Consultants and product and service companies can enhance partnerships with producers by offering the right insights at the right time through high-precision climate intelligence. 

It is possible, for example, to suggest that the producer purchase pesticides when weather conditions indicate a high probability of a pest or to alert customers about the best time to plant.

More strategy in decision-making

In just a few clicks, align and connect your team to the same climate trends and insights, adding strategy and intelligence to decision-making. Personalized tips and recommendations via SMS will to optimize work, saving time and money

Read what our clients think about our Climate Intelligence

Generally the Iska weather alerts massages has helped me plan for every day in the past two seasons and hoping to see more of your intervention and making it local for those who can not read to recieve directly like a voice recorder.

Nankene Jaadi Yahaya

The weather alert has really been helpful to me and its accuracy is 95%. It helps me know when to sow my seeds, this is because previously when we were not recieving the weather information, we go out to sow and if the rains delay, the birds picked the seeds out of the hole which costs us money.

Nmanli Dawuda Gbereh

During fertilizer application, I still depend on the rain to know exactly when to apply my fertilizer. Fertilizer needs some amount of moisture to be able to work effectively on the plants. Aside my farming activities, i sell Zokom, a local drink in the market. The weather alert plays an active role in my production (...)

Theresa Azieliba

There was a day that the SMS received, reported that it will rain, I waited for sometime but there was no rains, I went ahead to apply the pesticides just when I finished there was rain and since then, i always followed. the instructions from the SMS. It helps to save money, chemicals and time.The weather advice on harvesting and drying, has improved the quality of grais, the grains were clean and neat and made storage easy without any problems.

Isaac Kanewu

The weather alert helped me to harvest on time to avoid post harvest losses. This has helped me save cost.

David Baah

The weather information gives me the information about the rainfall which helps me to know when to plant and the best time to apply my fertilizer. It help me know when the weather is good for application of fert and pesticides After harvesting my produce the weather provides clue to know when and when not to open the door to the storage room (crip).

John K Mautsueni

ignitia's impact on business

Reduce machine wear by avoiding unnecessary transport

Decrease labor costs by optimizing machines and time

Reduce fuel costs by ensuring driving efficiency

Save on crop nutrition and inputs by knowing the optimal time to spray.

Minimize seed costs by identifying ideal planting conditions.

Increase revenue through optimized production due to better weather forecasting

Total impact*:

*results of 2021 study of sample farmers from Ghana

of users receiving ignitia Iska SMS rainfall messages experienced yield increases
experience income increases
up to %
of active users minimized of expensive inputs and prevented agrochemical runoff

Find out what high-precision climate intelligence can do for your business.

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