Climate intelligence helps hundreds of rural producers earn more, reduces risks for the entire agri value chain and boosts business. Learn about success stories of ignitia customers

High-precision, hyper localized created for tropical climates like West Africa has the potential to be the great catalyst in the evolution of agribusiness, helping to increase productivity and profits, reduce costs and risks, which generates positive impacts for the entire production chain, from seed and input suppliers to banks and the most diverse industries that depend on the reliable supply of agricultural products.

The success story of Value Seeds, a company that helps thousands of African rural farmers to produce better, is a great example of showcasing the potential of ignitia’s solution, both for rural farmers, and agribusinesses.

Climate intelligence reduces risks for hundreds of rural producers, increases profits and boosts business

Grain production in West Africa is highly dependent on rainfall which not only determines land productivity but can, at the wrong time, pose severe risks to grain drying.

In 2020, for example, typical rains led many rural producers in the region to lose a large part of the harvest that was in the drying phase, causing massive losses.

After this experience, Value Seeds decided to offer ignitia Climate Intelligence to 184 rural producers in the region through high-precision hyper localized forecasts.

The idea was to assess the impact of these forecasts on crop productivity and risk reduction, which could allow for greater profitability for producers and, consequently, more ability to pay off input credit and the possibility of continuing to evolve with quality products.

As access to smartphones in the region is not so widespread, the solution selected was the delivery of high-precision forecasts via SMS, directly on the producers’ simple cell phones. And the results were surprising.

ignitia Climate Intelligence results:

  • Production cost reduction by 20%

  • Loan repayment rate increased from 60% to 90%

  • Renewal of the program, based on the high levels of satisfaction of both Value Seeds and growers

Value Seeds’ view on ignitia

Based on the results, Value Seeds considered ignitia’s solution as a great ally both in improvement of the business (reducing investment risks) and in building the brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

 “Working with ignitia allows us to protect our investments with farmers. And more than that: by helping farmers to be profitable, we solidify trust in our company and transform them into brand promoters, which generates more business and results.”

George Kabutha (Head of Finance and Administration at Value Seeds)

ignitia transforms productivity and reduces risk with climate intelligence built for tropical climates and products for every challenge

Every farmer and agribusiness professional knows the climate in tropical regions like West Africa works differently. That is why predicting rainfall in the region, for example, is so difficult.

ignitia’s prediction system was created to face the problem head-on.

Built on the equivalent of more than 30 years of man-hours of research and development, ignitia’s solutions address the specific challenges of forecasting rainfall and climate variability of tropical climates, greatly raising the bar for weather forecasting in the region.

Some advantages of Climate Intelligence and ignitia solutions

  • Forecasts are twice as accurate as the models that power most weather applications and services in the world, in addition to being able to incorporate intelligence and specific alerts for each type of culture and be made available through various solutions.

  • Hyper-localized solutions, allowing the analysis of rainfall and climatic phenomena in specific properties and not in large areas.

  • Customized alerts for pests, spraying, rainfall and other data relevant to each crop.

  • Custom solutions and API that can be embedded in intelligence systems, portals, websites, applications, etc.


Learn more about the ignitia climate model, designed for tropical climates, such as West Africa, or request a demonstration at the link.

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